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High quality welding

Dellner Components is a professional company that has got a very large (over 70 years) experience in an industrial branch. The offer includes many types of products and services performed for different industries like railroad, sea, transportation industry, etc. The company is specialized in ‘Engineer to Order’ solutions. One of the services offered by this company is professional welding of metals and other materials. This task is being performed by well-trained and experienced staff that uses modern and very reliable welders. Thanks to this solution all welded materials are very strong, resistant to damage, wear and many negative factors. It is important to remember that welding offered by Dellner Components is a service that is being performed very fast, but with the utmost care. Another advantage of these services is the fact that all welded components meet very strict quality and safety requirements. The well-trained and experienced staff hired by this company is able to perform even very complicated tasks without problems.


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